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SEO Audit

How to perform about SEO Audit that is a comprehensive guide for you. We hope this SEO audit tips will be benefited to every.  Best topic of SEO Audit.


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  • SEO Specialist Audit : Analysis and Reporting

SEO Audit

When SEO Audit need for your website? May be your website is a new, May be your buisness is running well or may be you are in problem now. First you have need a audit report to know what is the present condition about your website.
SEO Audit

How to perform the exact SEO Audit.

Best topic of SEO Audit. How to perform and this is a comprehensive guide. A better performing of technical Audit.  As a client of your website this is an investigating issue just follow pixel point. This sum up process will be more efficient  for everyone. Ok. Let’s go how to do…

SEO Audit Analysis

Actual analysis stage of SEO is mainly depend on major five (05) facts and steps:

  1. Accessibility
  2. Indexability
  3. On-Page Ranking Factors
  4. Off-Page Ranking Factors
  5. Competitive Analysis

(1) Accessibility

Your site will have to be accessible or either Search Engine and Users couldn’t access your website. So mind it and make sure your website is accessible now.


The robots.txt file is used to restrict search engine crawlers from accessing sections of your website.

 Robots Meta Tags

The robots meta tag is just  to tell search engine crawlers if they are allowed to index a specific page and follow its links.

HTTP Status Codes
You should do indentify and fix-up that return errors of URL. Return errors of those URL mean 4xx and 5xx HTTP status codes. If you have this issues remain in your website it is totally unable to access for Search Engine and Users.
XML Sitemap
XML Sitemap provides a roadmap of your website to crawl and to declare assurance for search engine crawlers. It is easy to find out all of your website’s pages.
Very important questions about your Sitemap:
Is the Sitemap a well-formed XML document? Follow the Sitemap protocol ?
Has the Sitemap been submitted to your webmaster tools accounts?
Did you find pages in the site crawl that do not appear in the Sitemap?
Are there pages listed in the Sitemap that do not appear in the site crawl?

Helpful Videos:
How to Submit a Sitemap to Google
How to Submit a Sitemap to Bing

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